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Знакомства на abboom

Here you will find an online community where people get comprehensive material for self-knowledge, advice on health or get acquainted with compatible people for oneself.

The centuries-old Vedic science helps to learn about the destiny of the couple. We are applying the best achievement of mankind for you to have an easier and more interesting life. Abboom is a helper in matters of self-discovery. Self-knowledge applicable in practice will really help and make life easier for you. Our goal in developing Abboom is making a network space where people benefit from the time spent in the Internet. We deliberately exclude advertising and world news, so you can use the services without being distracted by marketing and political agendas. Welcome!

Knowledge base

The sciences that we use are Jyotish and Ayurveda – the centuries-old knowledge that helps a person to become happy, healthy and successful.

What could be better, that to know in advance what kind of vibe your relationship will have. Starting from 63% your compatibility is strong. For those who are already in a relationship it is great source for though and improvement.

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Time Mandala

The outer circle shows the strength of the planets during the day - you can schedule meetings and other activities. Dosha indicator - allows you to adjust the diet and activity. It is vital to specify your current location for indicators to function correctly.

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In this section you can read about yourself, about what the destiny has laid for you,to make decisions about how best to proceed in different situations, so as not to disturb any social expectations nor personal regulations.

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It has become easy to discover your ayurvedic constitution (dosha). We have added a test that is based on research of famous ayurveda doctors. You will receive recommendation about lifestyle and diet.

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Ease of search lies in the different settings that you can use. In particular, we provide astrological filters that open a new dimension for you to find the right person.

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Biorhythm indicator

It displays current lunar position and the color favorability specifically for you. Descriptions of the time intervals gives advice on what kind of activity is best suitable for the day, and which should be postponed for another time.

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This section provides different services that facilitate socialization: personal form, photo galley, friends list and friends invitation form.

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Astrology charts

For advanced users we have provided the ability to study their natal charts, as well as planetary transitions.

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